Comicker LLC was founded by Saori Adams & Sean E. Williams when we surveyed the comics scene and realized we wanted to make the most creator-friendly comics publisher possible.

What did this mean?  It meant a flexible schedule, because most creators have day jobs or other work-for-hire comics series they’re working on.  It meant good terms for creators, because we’re creators ourselves and we look out for our own.  It meant a variety of platforms, because you have to go to where the readers already are.  And it meant digital-first, because we were doing it ourselves, and we were paying for everything out of pocket.

We launched on February 26th, 2015 with our Comicker Digital imprint, putting out comics online, on comiXology, and on DriveThruComics.  By the end of the year, we’d added Kindle to our distribution line-up, and a free weekly newsletter.

By being truly creator-friendly, we saw the results immediately in the form of diversity.  We don’t have a house style.  Half our creators are women or persons of color.  Almost all of our series have women and/or persons of color as protagonists.  As soon as we took a step back and realized this, we decided to make diversity – both in creators and in content – a requirement for all new series we publish.

In 2016, we brought two series – THE CASEBOOK OF RABBIT BLACK by Kate Sherron and LOST ANGELS by David Accampo & Chris Anderson – to print via our Comicker Press imprint, thanks to over 200 backers on Kickstarter (you can now pick up copies through our online store!).

And in 2017, we partnered with hoopla digital to bring our digital issues to library card holders across North America.

If you’re looking for something new, refreshing, and unique, we’ve got a series for you.  And if you’re a creator, we’re still accepting submissions.

– The Comicker Team

The Comicker logo was designed by BJ Witts.