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Who We Are

You’ve found this page, so we’re assuming you’ve poked around our website and read some of our comics.  In case you haven’t, visit the Comicker Digital homepage to check out the series we have running already.

Comicker LLC was founded by Saori Adams and Sean E. Williams, and launched with the Comicker Digital imprint in 2015.  We’re a different kind of comics publisher.  We publish our creator-owned series as ad-supported webcomics, collected issues on KindleDriveThruComicscomiXology, and hoopla digital, and now collected as trade paperbacks through our Comicker Press imprint.


What We Offer

As we mentioned above, we’re a creator-owned publisher.  That means we only ask for the publishing rights to your comic; you keep all the rest.  And unlike some other publishers, we don’t take a production fee, or charge marketing costs to you.

We’ll build the website for your webcomic, publish it across all our platforms, and promote it.  All you have to do is deliver the awesome comic that you want to tell.  We do not have any specific requirements for genre, story, or art – except that we require all new series have diversity (including race and/or sexuality) either on or off the page.  To what degree, we’ll leave it up to you – you’re the creator, after all!  We’re open to considering pretty much everything, and we’ll only give editorial notes if you want us to.

Pitch us the story you want to tell.


How We Work

This is probably the first bit you were wondering about.  For all our series, we require a minimum of eight “Updates” per webcomic per month (two Updates per week).  What this means varies from comic to comic – some creators divide a page in half into two Updates, while others post a full page of art for each Update.  And if you want to post more than twice a week, we’re more than happy to oblige.

Depending on which method you use, that’s a minimum of only four pages per month!  The reason we did this is because many creators want to work on more than one comic series, and many of ours do.  With only four pages per month required, we give you the flexibility you want and need from a creator-owned series.


How To Submit

Interested in submitting?  Sign up through the link below, then we’ll send you an industry-standard Submission Agreement.  After that, we’ll want to see your proposal!  We require the following in a single PDF:

  • Title of series, and names and roles of all creators involved.
  • A logline – a one-sentence description of what you’d tell a stranger your series is about.
  • A one-page overview of what the series is about.
  • A 3-5 page outline of where you see the series going, story-wise.
  • 1-3 pages of character biographies.
  • 4 finished (including lettering) sample pages.
  • You can include character designs/concept art in addition to this.

The proposal should be no larger than 10 MB (including art).

Sound good?

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